Gothenburg’s best museums

A rainy or cold day in Gothenburg means that it is perfect weather for going to a museum. Art museum, car museum, design, natural history or a world of experiences for young and old. There are several different museums in Gothenburg. Here we have collected Gothenburg’s best museums.

Gothenburg Art Museum

At the top of Gothenburg’s parade street Avenyn is Gothenburg’s Art Museum. Here are some of Northern Europe’s foremost collections of images and art with an emphasis on 1880-1890s art but also more modern and older works. On the walls are, among other things, paintings and works from the collections. Among the collections you will find unique works by Carl Larsson, Edvard Munch, Monet, Anders Zorn, Rembrandt, Rubens and Picasso. Read more about Gothenburg’s Art Museum.

Gothenburg City Museum

At the edge of the canal in central Gothenburg is the city museum. Here, Gothenburg’s entire history comes together with everything from Vikings to the car industry and music. There is also a good shop and cafe. Read more about Gothenburg City Museum.

World of Volvo

Gothenburg is the city that gave birth to the world-famous car brand Volvo. With an impressive history dating back to the early 20th century, there are loads of interesting details, cars, buses, trucks and more to discover. In the event area around Liseberg is the World of Volvo, which contains an interactive and exciting story about Volvo’s history. Read more about World of Volvo.


Universeum is located next to the Liseberg amusement park at Korsvägen in the southern part of central Gothenburg. This is truly a living museum in a fascinating environment of rainforest, marine environment and interactive exhibits. Both children and adults can discover animals and learn more about physics. Read more about Universeum.

Gothenburg’s Natural History Museum

Gothenburg’s Natural History Museum is located in Gothenburg’s largest park, Slottskogen. In a mighty stone building, you can discover animals from the past in Gothenburg’s oldest museum. The collections include over 10 million animals, ranging from the smallest amoeba to the much larger stuffed elephant. Read more about Gothenburg’s Natural History Museum.