Ice cream shops in Gothenburg

In the summer heat in Gothenburg, the best way to cool off is with an ice cream. There are both ice cream factories and smaller ice cream shops with artisanal ice cream. Here we collect our best ice cream shop tips in Gothenburg.

Triumf Glass

With a factory in Sävedalen in eastern Gothenburg and one of Sweden’s largest ice cream factories, this is a classic. Triumf Glass has several ice cream shops around Gothenburg and in several smaller ice cream kiosks in town you can buy their ice cream during the summer. Near the ice cream factory in Sävedalen there is a large ice cream café open all year round, but the two coziest ice cream bars are on Allmänna vägen and Bruksgatan.

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Lejonet & Björnen – The Lion & the Bear

Another ice cream factory in Gothenburg is called Lejonet & Björnen. They have several of their own ice cream cafés in Gothenburg and the surrounding area, and their delicious ice cream is also sold in several smaller ice cream kiosks in the summer. On Danska vägen in eastern Gothenburg you will find their year-round ice cream shop and café.

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Råda Gelato

If you are looking for real artisanal ice cream, Råda Gelato is a cool tip. Here you buy fantastically good ice cream without flavor and color additives. You can find their ice cream shop and café at Landsvägsgatan 38.

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Gelateria Gothenburg

With the best location in the sun at the corner of Grönsakstorget is the Gelateria Gothenburg. Here you eat fantastic Italian ice cream with lots of flavor. One of Gothenburg’s best ice cream shops.

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Lilla Gumman’s Gelato

A little outside Gothenburg, in Lindome’s old spinning mill, is the ice cream kiosk Lilla Gummans Gelato. Homemade ice cream wafers and homemade tasty ice cream. Here there are flavors for all senses.

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