Rent a boat in Gothenburg

A water city like Gothenburg is well suited to discovering from the water. During the summer, there are several ways to get out on the water in Gothenburg, both in the canals, in the sea or in the nearby lakes. Here we advise on all the ways you can rent a boat in and around Gothenburg.

Rent an electric boat in Gothenburg’s canals

Rent an electric boat in Gothenburg

At Let’s Boat you rent your own electric boat that you can use to get around Gothenburg’s canals. Rent the boat for 1-2 hours and see central Gothenburg from the water together with family or friends. The boat holds 1-12 people and you borrow a life jacket and get a briefing before you set sail. Read more at Let’s Boat.

Rent a pedal boat or kayak in the middle of Gothenburg

Rent a pedal boat in Gothenburg

In the middle of central Gothenburg, next to Kungsportsplatsen, in the summer you can rent a pedal boat or kayak for both one and two people. The rental is called the Kayak Bridge and you can reach it from Bältesspännarparken just outside the Garden Association. See more on Kayakbryggan’s Instagram.

Rent a larger boat in Gothenburg

If you are used to driving real boats, you can rent a boat and set out in Gothenburg’s beautiful archipelago. Several sites have both their own fleets of boats or broker boats to rent from private individuals. Find motor or sailing boats at Skipperi.

Rent a canoe in Delsjön

The larger lake Delsjön, which lies just east of Gothenburg, is perfect to discover by canoe. From the canoe centre, which is located near the swimming area, you can paddle around Delsjön, stop for a swim or picnic, and then paddle back. It is an awesome nature experience. Read more about renting a canoe in Delsjön.