Sightseeing in Gothenburg

The best tip when coming to a new city is to start the first day with a sightseeing tour. You can discover Gothenburg both from the water and from land and there is much to see and learn along the way. Here we have collected our best tips on sightseeing in Gothenburg. From the classic Paddan to the budget alternative with local transport.


The most classic sightseeing tour in Gothenburg is called Paddan. With a low boat that fits in Gothenburg’s old canals, you are guided through Gothenburg’s history and present. The tour starts and ends at Kungsportsplatsen in the middle of Gothenburg and you go both through the canals and out into Göta Älv. During the Paddan tour you get to see most of the big Gothenburg attractions and sometimes you have to hold your head down to get under the low bridges. Read more about Paddan.

Stinsen Sightseeing

Stinsen Sightseeing i Göteborg.

This mini train takes you on a guided tour of the streets of Gothenburg. The tour starts and ends at Gustaf Adolf’s square and goes along canals and cobbled streets while you get to learn about Gothenburg’s 400-year history. Read more about Stinsen Sightseeing.

Ocean Bus

If you have difficulty choosing between sightseeing on the water or on land, choose Ocean Bus. This amphibious bus runs both a sightseeing tour on the streets of Gothenburg but then dives into the water and becomes a boat. Fun activity for young and old. Read more about Ocean Bus.

Bike Tour Gothenburg

Bike Tour Gothenburg
Explore Gothenburg by bike.

If you want to have a fun and personal experience in Gothenburg, you should go on a guided bike ride. The tour starts in the western part of central Gothenburg and bike rental, music and guided cycling through the city are included. Read more about Bike Tour Gothenburg.

Local transport – tram and bus

The electric public transport ferry in Gothenburg.

If you want to run the absolute cheapest sightseeing in Gothenburg, you should combine the local tram with a ride in the public transport river boats. Two good tram lines when you want to see Gothenburg are line 9 which goes from Kungssten in the west to Angered in the east and line 10 which goes from Guldheden to Biskopsgården. It is enough to go between the most central stops. From the Stenpiren stop, you can change from tram line 9 to one of the ferries that ply the river. There you can discover Gothenburg from the water in the cheapest way. Read more about local transport at Västtrafik.