Travel to Gothenburg

Arrive by plane, boat, train, car, bus or maybe even by bike. Gothenburg is easy to travel to in any way you want.

Fly to Gothenburg

Gothenburg has one international airport called Landvetter Airport with international connections to most major cities in Europe a couple of days per week. It’s located 20 minutes east of the city center with taxi or bus. You can choose to go with the Airport Coaches (ca 20 min) or the local bus (ca 15 min) to Gothenburg Central Station. Read more and see connections.

Train to Gothenburg

Gothenburg Central Station is located in the heart of the city which makes it convenient to go to Gothenburg by train. You can get her easily from all of Sweden and also with international connecting lines via Copenhagen in Denmark.

Find your trip SJ (The state owned railway company)

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Drive to Gothenburg

Gothenburg is connected by the European highway links called E6 and E20 as well as with the support from road 40 (Riksväge 40) to E4 in Jönköping. It’s easy to get to Gothenburg by car but can be confusing to drive in the city center because of one way streets combined with heavy tram/light rail traffic and buses.

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By ferry to Gothenburg

Since Gothenburg is a city by the sea it’s connected with ferry lines to both Fredrikshavn in Denmark and Kiel, Germany. Find your ferry trip to Gothenburg with Stena Line.